The Train Ride Home


The reason I don’t drink from public water fountains.

My Pen

Sometimes my pen has a mind of its own

The second it touches the paper it goes into a zone

A place deep within my minds core

And just like a skeleton key unlocking every door

Taking my random thoughts and turning them into poetic verse

Or into eloquent song without need to rehearse

Sometimes my pen sees the world much clearer than my eye

And sometimes it is courageous enough to express the words my mouth would never try

Unlike my mind, my pen never tires

The ebony ink has stoked many metaphoric fires

The pen is mightier than the sword so I am told

My pen is mightier than any weapon of mass destruction and more valuable than gold

Though my pen may run out of ink within months, days, or hours

The immortal words it leaves behind reign supreme and never lose their power.


The warmth of my lips,

Caress of the fingertips,

Slightest dip of your hips,

Tightening of your grip,

Whispers of sweet nothings, eyes fixed in a stare,

The uniting of you and I lingers in the air,

 No pretense, no insecurities, excuses or worry,

No obligations appointments, conflicts, or hurry,

Mind and body filled with the sweetest sin,

 Soul on its way in

Never experienced love like this

A moment to savor the aftermath of pure bliss.


Things unthinkable, thinks forbidden;

Erotic feelings we keep hidden;

Those things we don’t dare say aloud;

For fear of backlash from the world’s missionary crowd;

Acts we partake in behind closed doors;

That would make some revere us as whores;

Words whispered that light the fires;

Of our minds deepest and darkest desires;

Curiosities we keep locked in our minds;

Stored in a chamber no one else can find;

Secret fetishes that would surely condemn our souls to hell;

Fetishes we never allow our lips to tell;

Carnal cravings for behaviors out of the norm;

Behaviors that would warrant the wrath of your mothers scorn;

Reverence to abnormal things that stimulate sexual gratification;

Things that drive your sexual peak to a higher elevation;

Secrets that if spoken aloud one would surely deny;

Acts that only a true freak would be bold enough to try.

To allow such lustful want to have that much control;

Would be the equivalent of allowing the devil to have your mind, body, and soul;

Living a lifestyle similar to that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde;

Just to keep the world from knowing your erotic side;

Vulgar things we would never willingly claim to do;

Because in societies eyes those things are strictly Taboo.

Amateur Porn Star

No little girl ever says, “When I grow up I want to be a porn star!”

Most of us dream about diamonds, furs, champagne, and caviar,

But one day you’ll wake up at twenty-five years old in love with a man you think is the one

You’d do anything he asks, no holds barred, any freaky little thing under the sun.

So when you find yourself scantily clad as you’re hypnotized by the video cameras little red light.

You’ll tell yourself you love this man and he wants to take your sex life to the highest height.

Just how high is too high? How far is too far?

I mean we all don’t get reality shows for being an amateur porn star.

Think for a minute before you put your toes in the air,

Ask yourself, “Is this video going to make me a millionaire?”

Or is this just for his own selfish satisfaction.

You bite your lip with regret as he yells action.

Your mind will wander , you’ll ignore your instincts and tell yourself everything is cool

Because you’ll do anything to be in his court, even be his damned fool!

Touch your toes girlfriend, bend all the way over

Make your ass cheeks spread like the head on a Cobra.

Smile you stupid girl and give the camera a wave

Tonight you are a star and his stupid sex slave.

If you should find yourself in this porn star position legs in a wide gape

Just pray this man you think you love doesn’t “accidentally” leak your sex tape.

Now if D list celebrity stardom is not your goal and love is not the case.

Make sure you get that damned camera and quickly push erase.